We safely remove tough stains, dirt and algae from the most delicate of surfaces including roofs using cleaning methods recommended by industry leaders.

Do you have those ugly black roof stains and are thinking of replacing the roof?

Here are some facts about those black stains and what you can do to save thousands of dollars without damaging the integrity of your roof. The roof stains are caused by algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. Its growth is fed by the limestone filler in the shingles and moisture in shady areas. In years past, the algae simply did not have a food source within the roofing shingles. Over the past years this has changed with the introduction of fiberglass shingles. The fiberglass shingles made today contain massive amounts of food that algae love to eat, that being limestone. The limestone is added to the asphalt mixture as a thickener. Years ago, this was not the case, as an organic felt mat was used as the base for the shingles. This mat was saturated with asphalt and then coated with granules. Granules are tough, dense, ceramic-coated rock which protects the roof from the sunlight and weather. Because of the absorptive qualities of the mat, it was able to soak up enough asphalt to give the finished shingle sufficient weight. Well, about 20 years ago, this changed with the widespread introduction of synthetic textiles, such as nylon and polyester. The shingle manufacturers scrambled and decided to use fiberglass as a mat. However, a problem quickly arose. The thin fiberglass mat did not absorb asphalt like the old organic mat. Something had to be added to the asphalt to increase the weight of the shingle. They decided to use limestone which is plentiful and cheap. Now the finished product is filled with limestone which the algae/ mold feeds off of and spreads throughout your roof causing those hideous black streaks.

Roof algae stains occur on the asphalt shingle roofs and usually starts growing on the North side of the home which usually has less day time sun light and remains damp. Left untreated these algae spores will eventually grow and spread covering your entire roof area. These new shingles contain lots of the limestone which is used as a filler to increase the weight of the shingles. Algae (Gloeocapsa magma) loves to eat the limestone in the shingles, thus eating away at your roof causing gradual loss and eventually leading to premature roof replacement.  

The average cost in the Tri -State area to replace an asphalt shingle roof is approximately $15,000. Many homeowners replace their roof just because it has black streaks on it. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new roof, you could simply have it cleaned by Aqua Tech Pressure Washing. We use the most up to date cleaning methods which are recommended by the industry.  The best method to safely clean a roof without damage is a low pressure chemical application. Our soft wash roof cleaning methods are safe, effective and will remove tough stains, dirt and algae from your shingles or house.

There are several other great reasons why to get your roof cleaned. If you are trying to sell your property a clean roof curb appeal will not turn off prospective buyers, and could add as much as 5 to 10 percent to the value of the home. Also when the algae turns your roof black, it becomes less reflective, it then retains heat causing your air conditioner to work harder to overcome the increased heat load, costing you extra money in your electric bill during those hot times of the year. If your home is covered in mold or mold spores you and or your children could develop respiratory health related issues. Why expose your family, it just makes sense to rid your home of those toxicities at a reasonable cost.

Soft Roof Washing