We use pressure washing to remove all of the unwanted stains, gum, and oils to maintain the natural beauty of sidewalks, patios and stucco facades.

Concrete sidewalks/ patios add beauty to your home and business and are generally low-maintenance.

However, it’s important to remember that low-maintenance is not the same as maintenance-free. Just as with a wooden deck, concrete patios need regular checks to stay in tip top condition.

Concrete sidewalks/ patios last longer when they are properly maintained. Concrete is a porous material and allows dirt, salts, gum, mold, oils and syrups to penetrate into the surface which over time makes the surface appear deplorable.  These deplorable conditions do not reflect well for a homeowner or business owner and will give perceived notion about their lifestyle and or business practice.

The goal of sidewalk cleaning and restoration is to remove those unwanted stains, gum, oils and to maintain the beauty of the sidewalks/ patio.  Our objective is too truly make your sidewalks/patio look like new and attract not turn off customers.

At Aqua Tech Pressure Washing, we are proud to use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions with our high tech commercial grade variable pressure equipment and steam capabilities to address your cleaning needs. Our rotary surface cleaners use medium pressure that will do the job right without risking damage to your concrete. We also offer a variety of pressure washing choices which will fit the needs of your home or business.

Hard Surface Restoration